Maja Lundqvist et Fredrik Bondestam, de l’université de Gothenburg en Suède, ont fait une revue de la littérature académique sur le harcèlement sexuel à l’université. Il s’agit d’une analyse d’environ 800 articles portant sur la nature et la fréquence du harcèlement sexuel, les modèles d’interprétation existants et les mesures de prévention validées par l’expérience.

The Swedish Research Council has commissioned a research review on sexual harassment in academia from the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, University of Gothenburg. The aim is to provide an overview of current knowledge in international research. The review is based on an analysis of approximately 800 publications out of a total of 5 561 during the period 1966–2018, which were selected through an extensive search process in literature databases.
The report is structured in line with the commission of the Swedish Research Council. In four different chapters, the focus is on (a) existing research reviews on sexual harassment in academia and working life at large, (b) a selection of top-ranked, peer-reviewed research articles on sexual harassment in academia, (c) all Swedish and other Nordic research publications on sexual harassment in academia, as well as (d) the state of knowledge and methodological challenges of research on prevalence of sexual harassment.

Each chapter present the contents of current research, and summaries of results are  made separately in these sections. In addition, compilations of recommendations for  practice, policy and research are made in each chapter. (…)

Télécharger le rapport (118 p., en): Sexual-harassment-in-academia_VR_2018