This Gender Studies Tuning Brochure is the result of over a decade of intensive cooperation and exchange in Gender Studies in Europe. United by a shared interest in the interdisciplinary field of Gender Studies,
educators, researchers, students, activists and professionals involved in gender equality established Athena, a network in advanced Women’s Studies, in 1998. This network has been supported by the Erasmus/Soc-
rates financing of Thematic Networks ever since. Scholars from almost every European country within and outside the European Union have taken up the challenge to explore, define and improve Gender Studies in higher education. The network has produced expertise in Gender Studies at a truly transnational level by bridging the gap between universities and civil society, involving students and researching education, as well as teaching research. At the same time the results are deeply rooted and embedded in different locations: interdisciplinary classrooms, international educational exchange, NGOs and governmental policy making as well as political activism directed at strengthening women’s position. Now is the time to take stock and describe the significant expertise collected in recent years.

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