The objective of the Association Nationale des Études Féministes (National Association of Feminist Studies – ANEF) is to further Feminist Studies and promote the discipline in France and abroad.

ANEF is an association made up of teachers, researchers, students, and other members who teach about feminism and perform feminist-related research, across various disciplines, both within and outside of the institutional framework.

ANEF publishes and distributes the Bulletin de l’ANEF (the ANEF newsletter), a forum for exchanges and debate. ANEF furthers the creation of research programmes, seminars, and conferences, works to develop university courses in Feminist Studies, supports requests for the creation of teaching, research and documentation positions in Feminist Studies, and maintains a directory of feminist researchers who are members of ANEF. The association also publishes works (i.e., Harmattan’s “Bibliothèque du féminisme” [Library of Feminism] Collection), and contributes to national, European and international networks dedicated to women’s rights and Feminist Studies.


1982. “Femmes, féminisme et recherche” [Women, Feminism and Research] conference at Toulouse

1983-1989. CNRS’s ATP programme “Recherches sur les femmes et recherches féministes” [Research about Women and Feminist Studies]

1985-1991. Creation of five protected positions (postes fléchés) in Feminist Studies at the university level

1989. Creation of ANEF (Association nationale des études féministes)

Since 1989. Organisation of national round tables on Feminist Studies

Since 1993. Annual seminars and the publication of papers

2000. Publication of the second ANEF member directory

2001. Creation of ANEF’s first website

2012. ANEF proposes a call for feminist and gender research in France.

2014. ANEF publishes The White Paper titled, Le genre dans l’enseignement supérier et la recherche, [Gender in higher education and in the field of research]

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