ARTICLE 1 – An association is hereby created between the parties to these articles of association, governed by the amended Act of July 1, 1901, and the Decree of August 18, 1901, bearing the name, “Association nationale des études féministes” (ANEF). The registered offices shall be located at 9 bis, rue de Valence 75005. They may be moved at the simple decision of the office.

ARTICLE 2 –The association is intended to be a space for reflection, exchanges and debate. Its primary goal is to promote feminist studies and research, and to study and conduct research about women and the relationships between sex and gender. Namely, this is done by:

  • Teaching, training, creating and performing research within and outside of the institutional framework;
  • Distributing and promoting relevant research and issues by way of publications, conferences, seminars, meetings, directories, etc.;
  • Implementing feminist teachings at all levels of education;
  • Creating research positions, teams and programmes in public, semipublic and private teaching, training and research organisations. These goals shall be met by pursuing all initiatives required, including coordinated action with public, regional, national, and international authorities. The association also aims to:
  • Defend the professional and moral interests of its members and fight sexism;
  • Maintain and develop relationships that encourage exchanges, mutual respect and solidarity among its members;
  • Create partnerships with national and foreign associations and groups, and contribute to European and international networks involved with feminist studies.

ARTICLE 3 – Anyone who agrees with and is committed to the association’s goals may become a member, regardless of nationality. Membership requests shall be addressed to the Board. Individuals, groups, and institutions who support the association’s goals may also be admitted as partners. Membership status may be revoked if a member resigns, does not pay the membership fee, or for any other reason stipulated in the rules of this procedure.

ARTICLE 4 – The association’s resources include: the sum total of membership fees and donations as well as the endowments and grants awarded to allow the association to operate and to reach its legally established goals.

ARTICLE 5 – The general meeting includes all members of the association. It occurs no less than once annually and is called by the Board. The agenda is included in the convocation. The meeting is chaired by a member of the Board. A special meeting may be called by the Board, either by its own initiative or as a result of a request submitted to the Board by one-fifth of its members.

ARTICLE 6 – The general meeting is sovereign in its decision-making power and defines the directions. Every two years, the general meeting elects a Board, which is made up of members in good standing and with fair regional representation, as is stated in the rules of this procedure. Each year, a committee is appointed among the members, comprised of at least a chair, a secretary, and a treasurer, all of whom oversee the creation of committees that report to it. All Board decisions are made by consensus.

ARTICLE 7 – The rules of procedure are established by the Board and approved at the general meeting. These rules define the articles of association and regulate certain points not stipulated therein, namely those related to the association’s internal administration.

ARTICLE 8 – Any modifications to the present articles of association can only be made after a proposal has been presented at a general meeting, either by the Board or by one-fifth of registered members. Voting may only occur at a subsequent meeting, which shall be called for this purpose. The matter shall be decided by a majority of registered members.

ARTICLE 9 – The association’s dissolution shall be decided by no less than two thirds of members present at the general meeting called for this purpose, stated in the agenda, and representing an absolute majority of registered members. One or more liquidators shall be nominated at this meeting and any assets will be transferred in accordance with Section 9 of the Act of July 1,1901 and the Decree of August 16, 1901.

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