20 years of feminist action

Over the past 20 years, ANEF has been dedicated to the following goals:

  • Promoting studies and research about feminism, women, and sex and gender relations, namely through teaching, training, creation and research, both within and outside of the institutional Framework;
  • Distributing and promoting relevant research and issues by way of publications, conferences, seminars, meetings, directories, etc.;
  • Implementing feminist teachings at all levels of education;
  • Creating partnerships with national and foreign associations and groups, and contributing to European and international networks involved with Feminist Studies.


  • Assign all members to work groups represented within the Board;
  • Encourage the transmission of culture, knowledge, and skills related to Feminist Studies from generation to generation, and support the networks of young researchers in Feminist and Gender Studies;
  • Open the association up to researchers working in the public, private, and community sectors and provide an environment of exchange of ideas between the political, activist, and academic spheres, both nationally and internationally;
  • Increase awareness about the association across different academic fields;
  • Promote feminist research in continuing education at the university level;
  • Foster coordination and solidarity among women researchers in academic positions as well as women in academia;
  • Help researchers by distributing calls for papers in Feminist Studies and by spreading information about national, European, and private funding opportunities;
  • Distribute French-language feminist publications and research;
  • Lobby for the recognition of Feminist Studies in AERES’s research evaluation processes for universities and research institutions;
  • Develop national and international communication tools thanks to a new website and electronic newsletters.

To make these projects a reality, we need you as a member. We look forward to working with you,

The Board, ANEF

ANEF Membership is valid for one calendar year. It includes a subscription to two electronic newsletters and one annual hard copy newsletter. You will also be included in the database for the online directory. Membership is open to everyone. In our French internal communications, the feminine gender is used and includes the masculine.

Membership fees:

  • 10 euros (students, doctoral candidates, and young researchers already members of EfiGiES – electronic newsletters only)
  • 15 euros (students, with proof)
  • 30 euros (income under 1,500 euros)
  • 45 euros (income over 1,500 euros)

Please send your ANEF Membership Form and cheque to the following address:


34, rue du professeur-Martin France

31500 Toulouse, France

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