The GENDER-NET ERA-NET is a pilot transnational research policy initiative funded by the European Commission under the Science in Society workprogramme of the 7th Framework Programme, designed to address the common challenges still facing European countries and their research institutions in achieving gender equality in research and innovation.

In an effort to reduce fragmentation across the European Research Area, the GENDER-NET partners have joined forces to carry out assessments of existing national/regional initiatives, define priority areas for transnational collaboration accordingly, and implement a selection of strategic joint activities.

By providing a strategic networking and cooperation framework for national/regional actors developing and implementing public research programmes and policies, the GENDER-NET ERA-NET scheme’s main objective is to help reach a critical mass of ministries, research funders, universities and research institutions across Europe engaging in gender equality initiatives and fostering the integration of sex and gender analysis in research contents.

Work Package 1: Coordination, Management and Dissemination

Work Package 2 : Gender Equality in Research Institutions through Structural Change

Work Package 3 : Gendering Research Contents and Programmes

WP4: Strategic Transnational Activities and Policies

  • D4.13: Manual on joint gender equality training scheme (CNRS, WBF-SERI)
  • D4.14: Framework and methodology to set up joint award/Incentive on gender policies in research institutions (MINECO, ECU)
  • D4.15: Publish first joint monitoring report on gender equality indicators (MENESR, ECU)
  • D4.16: Publish joint report on best practices on gendering research contents and programmes, comprising results from Tasks 5 & 6 (HEA-IRC, RCN)

Download report D2-5 (en, 67 p.) : GENDER_NET_D2_5_National_plans_and_initiatives_promoting_gender_equality_and_structural_change

Download report D2-6 (en, 77 p.): GENDER-NET_D2-6_-_Plans_and_initiatives_in_selected_research_institutions_aiming_to_stimulate_gender_equality_and_enact_structural_change_

Download report D2-7 (en, 122 p.): GENDER_NET_D2_7_Analysis_report_on_existing_gender_equality_awards_and_corresponding_stimulatory_initiatives

Download report D3-9 (en, 197 p.): GENDER_NET_D3_9_Compendium_of_national_initiatives_on_the_integration_of_the_gender_dimension_in_research_contents