The GenderTime Consortium is delighted to issue the Call for Papers for the GenderTime International Conference, to be held September 29-30, 2016 in Paris, France. The Conference will take place at UPMC – Campus des Cordeliers, Paris, France. The goal of the Conference is to provide a platform for researchers working towards the promotion of the participation and advancement of women in higher education and research institutions. This is an opportunity to hear the results of GenderTime and other similar projects and to network with numerous prominent scientists in the field.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing Gender Equality Plans (GEPs): How to design GEPs? GEPs as a whole? Scales. Holistic / specific approaches, domains, degrees of autonomy, budgets and resources, integration of the approach. Aims, expected impacts, reasons for designing GEPs. Political aspects.
  • Describing, measuring, evaluating GEPs: Describing actions, classifications and domains, time, scale, degree of accomplishment, measuring, data collection, data reliability, harmonization, units to measure, impacts and evaluation
  • Knowledge transfer and networks around GEPs: How GEPs are spreading? Inside/outside institutions. Positive / negative effects. Resistance / promotion. Networks created by GEPs, in connection with GEPs, interfering with GEPs. Evolution of GEPs through time.
  • Missing data, missing theories, missing explanations, missing connections about GEPs: Integrating GEPs in the larger picture of academic life and science policy.