L’agence opérationnelle du Ministère de la Santé britannique Public Health England publie une revue de littérature sur les violences sexistes dans les universités et la promotion d’une méthode d’intervention et de prévention.

This literature review is intended to be useful to a range of audiences. The 3 aims of the review are to:

– set out the rationale for using a bystander approach in sexual and domestic violence prevention work at English universities

– verify that all current evidence for best practice has been assimilated in the preparation of ‘The intervention initiative’ toolkit for English universities, commissioned by PHE and developed by the research team undertaking the review

– bring interested parties up to date with the most recent research relating to bystander intervention methods for addressing sexual and domestic violence in university settings

It builds on the Review of bystander approaches in support of-preventing violence against women published in 2011 (Powell, 2011) which summarised the evidence-based features for effective bystander approaches in support of preventing violence against women.

Télécharger le rapport (69 p.): Evidence_review_bystander_intervention_to_prevent_sexual_and_domestic_violence_in_universities_11April2016